So its not everyday you get sent a freebie, Wouldn’t it be great if it was though? Imagine the money you could save trying to explore the worlds vast amount of beer selection. So I have been sent this little brew by Nøgne ø Asking for a review. This went up on social and in came […]

So think pancakes? You spend an age weighing out your ingredients to then get in a mess mixing it all up. If only there was an easier way? There is! You’ve heard of american cup measures. This is in my term the ‘Mug’ measurement! one mug, it doesn’t matter how big or small your mug […]

This recipe is just a basic chocolate cake recipe except adding beer. By adding it to the mix you get a lovely moist stout taste and by adding it to the icing you get a deep toasted malt taste that compliments the chocolate perfectly. You will need.  175g self raising flour 1 pinch of baking […]

Here at The Beer Journal we like to share amazing beer reviews. But once in a while, a product comes along which piques my interest. You may have seen the viral video of the beer nerd in the pub boring everybody with technical jargon, if not, here it is: Okay, so we aren’t all that […]

This is a post that I never thought I’d be writing. Unfortunately, the pub industry is in decline. We’re now all too used to seeing pubs being closed or pushed into a chain that prides itself on mediocre thaw and serve food. The Craven Arms is a traditional public house which has been at the […]

Have you ever tried a beer and thought wow? This beer exceeds all expectations. Your taste buds are tingling, you are blown away with flavours, textures and smells. But there is a problem, you are on your jollies abroad, so can you get this back in your country? No? How are you ever going to […]

The Backyard Brewhouse based in Brownhills, just off the A5 is vastly becoming a big time brewery within the West Midlands. Having two regional awards and one national award for their work, they’re definitely doing something right! My favourite beers from their core range include their IPA and Jigger Stout. Until now, these two would have been my recommendations when sampling […]