Blue Sea Blue Sky

 Part of the Rainbow project 2015, Siren Craft Brew collaboration with Surly Brewing Company is called ‘Blue Sky Blue Sea’- a Seaweed and Cloudberry Gose.

One of the best things about The Rainbow Project is how it brings together different breweries with different ideas, which makes for some brilliant collaborations.

With the colour blue in the draw and in the spirit of the transatlantic collaboration, they’ve linked the two breweries by sea and sky; The British Isles surrounded by water and Minnesota admired for its skyscapes. Seaweed provides the ocean air and salty Gose depth while Cloudberries represent the skies above.

sea spaghetti seaweed kombu seaweed

Two types of Seaweed have been used, Sea Spaghetti and Kombo Seaweed, which were both added in the boil and on the cold side post-fermentation.



I love idea of the rainbow project, Siren being one of my favourite experimental breweries when I found out that they had teamed up with Surly brewing company and brewed this Seaweed beer, I couldn’t wait!

Up on pour a dark amber colour with slight haze wearing a bright white head that dissipated quickly.

On the nose is salty, tart and extremely fruity.

On the tongue, hit straight away with a mixture of tangy citrus acidity followed by a prominent salt water taste with a lingering tangy fruit flavour that rests on the tongue.

This is an amazing example of a Gose, sharp, bitter, tangy and ultimately refreshing. Could I drink a few of them? No I don’t think I could, But on a hot summers day I believe it would be really refreshing or even used as a palate cleanser, like a sorbet can be used between courses.

If you see it about, I recommend trying it, It is one of those beers and styles not common and worth a try! The worst you can say is you don’t like it, Give it a try!

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