28th December 2015

Hawkshead brewery.





Hawkshead Brewery began in 2002, in a barn at Town End Farm, at the head of Esthwaite Water, just outside the village of Hawkshead.

brewed on a second hand 7 barrel brew plant which came from the Border Brewery at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Having outgrown the barn they moved in 2006, to Staveley,  It is one of the most successful of the new wave of independent breweries which have ignited public excitement about beer and furthered the renaissance of British brewing. The beer is full of flavour, handmade, crafted, personal and made by people who LOVE BEER for people who love beer.

I have known about this brewery for a while and they helped celebrate Brewdog Birmingham 3rd birthday, as I couldn’t decide what to try I opted for a flight of beers.

Hawkshead Tasting Flight.

Hawkshead Tasting Flight.


So from left to right here is what I found.



This came across as a really strong tasting IPA, First sip your hit with floral notes, some serious hop usage put in, it reminds me of a twist on brewdogs punk ipa, except the alcohol content at 7.2% really comes through, would I have another? yeah! why not.



Sours are the upcoming thing in the beer world, i’ve had a couple before and a really desired taste for them is required, I feel as they are up and coming I need to really delve into the depths of sour beers to appreciate them. Chuckleberry was very tart on the first taste, on the second the sourness disappears, then your hit with fresh berries, still with a light sour note on the back of the tongue, have another? yeah I feel I have to try a few different sours to get the taste, there are a lot of complex flavours that can be found in them, next time your in a bar and have an option of a sour, just try it, trust me its the future!



Im not big on stouts or porters, I enjoy the odd one or two, But this one, this made me speechless. 8.5% so strong for a stout, but wow! hit with chocolate biscuit notes, cinnamon, a hint of ginger, this is the perfect cold winter day stout. You can imagine being sat next to a roaring fire after a long cold walk outside, The feel good factor comes from the cinnamon and ginger notes, this by far is my most favourite stout. if you see this about and even if you aren’t a big stout lover, give this a whirl!

Key lime Tau

Picture this, you have arrived at the airport, you are through security its been a long wait, you decided to pop to the toilet before doing anything else. The toilets have just had their morning clean, they’re fresh, smelling of citrus bleaches……up on smelling this Tau, your hit with a fresh toilet smell, with a sip the acidity and citrus hits you, with a hint of bleach. it was probably the most expensive toilet cleaner ive ever brought, people laughed when I told them what it smelt like, I called the barman over, told him to close his eyes and I walked him through the little airport story, then told him to sniff as he walked into the toilets. he laughed and agreed, id hit it right on the nose. would I buy this again? i’m sure you can make your own mind up on that one!!


I’m looking forward to the future of Hawkshead brewery. This small array of their beers really shows what they are capable of and how they are thinking outside the box. My ultimate favourite was Tonka, I returned a week later to get a few for my friends but they had sold out! So I will be scouring the internet to source some more!



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