So Brewdogs latest addition from their very popular prototype range is Elvis Juice, A grapefruit IPA.


I don’t really like grapefruit but this, I love. Elvis Juice showcases Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo at their absolute best. A huge dose of grapefruit peel brings swirls of fresh pithy zest, accentuating the dry hops and building on the dry, biscuit malt base.

On the nose unsuprisingly grapefruit!! And hints of malt.

On the tongue, Fresh fruity tropical flavours, followed by a little bit of malt on the back of the tongue, Instantly followed by a little bitterness but a lot of perfectly balanced sweetness.

This is truly amazing definitely one of my favourites to come out of the prototype range!

It was released on the 4th March 2016 on keg throughout all Brewdog bars in the UK with a fantastic idea called Grapefruit pay, Similar to Apple pay but actually pay with grapefruits! If thats not an amazing marketing idea i don’t know what is! I went armed with a grapefruit for the release of it on keg. It tastes even better from the keg than it did in the can!


Honestly if you visit a Brewdog bar throughout the UK and they have this available or see it in a bottle shop, Try it! Even if you don’t like grapefruit give it a whirl!

Let me know what you think!


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