Rogue Sriracha HOT Stout is a curious beer, jumping on the Sriracha craze sweeping the world over. I was curious to find out just how spicy this beer would be. I got hold of a bottle here in the UK from Beer Gonzo. Read on to find out if Rogue Ales have delivered a truly hot Sriracha experience!

What exactly is Sriracha?

Sriracha is one of America’s favourite hot sauces (and it’s only getting hotter in the UK! Sorry, I mean it’s gaining in popularity over here…). Sriracha is widely recognised by it’s distinctive packaging. It’s a vibrant red sauce in a clear bottle, topped with a bright green cap.

The distinctive bottle design has been captured by Rogue Ales, who have created a beer bottle which is also instantly recognisable! Clever eh?

Me and my friend are both lovers of Sriracha and have been waiting a good while to try this beer. Disguised in a stout we were desperate to see if any of Sriracha’s famous heat would come through.

Tasting notes

On the pour, it’s a dark heavy looking stout with a thick brown head. There’s a surprising amount of carbonation that you can actually hear.

On the nose, a creamy smelling stout with high carbonation that is actually popping onto your nose.

On the tongue, you’re hit with a perfectly balanced stout that’s light on the tongue but heavy tasting. With dark malts, but no sign of the Sriracha! After the swallow, I was sat thinking “they haven’t infused the Sriracha very well with this”. I pondered for a while, until, BAM! It got me right in the throat! It’s a heat which starts out a little warm and develops in to some serious heat.

To try and cool my throat, I took another sip… but then you realise that the same after effect is coming! I don’t want to put anyone off, it’s not an uncomfortable heat, it’s just a bit of an unexpected shock to the system as it doesn’t come through prominently on the tongue.


Would I buy this again? Sure. It was a well balanced stout with a nice hidden kick. Having said that, I would say the bottle is a little too big. I was sharing with my friend and we couldn’t finish the bottle, so maybe a smaller bottle from Rogue? It’s a special type of beer that the fellow Sriracha or general hot sauce lover would enjoy with friends. It’s one of those beers that just has to be tried. It’s not one that you would put in your weekly shop.

The first bottle I received had leaked, so I emailed Beer Gonzo who sent out a fresh bottle the very next day. In their email they suggested instead of wasting good beer, why not cook with it? So I did. I transferred the beer into a swing top bottle to keep it fresh until I had chance to cook with it. I marinated some ribs with the beer. The ribs took on a hint of the taste from the beer. It was a perfect accompaniment to the beer!

So overall, an excellent drink from Rogue. Give it a whirl and let me know what you think. If you cant handle spicy food, I’d suggest keeping a glass of water next to you!

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