The Backyard Brewhouse based in Brownhills, just off the A5 is vastly becoming a big time brewery within the West Midlands. Having two regional awards and one national award for their work, they’re definitely doing something right!

My favourite beers from their core range include their IPA and Jigger Stout. Until now, these two would have been my recommendations when sampling from The Backyard Brewhouse range.

I was gifted a mini keg of Subversion for my birthday. An excellent present off my sister, Brother-in-law and my nephew. Having never heard of Subversion before, I was definitely excited to see what was in store for me!

There are pros and cons to mini kegs. Some of the advantages include having brilliant draught beer at home, you get a consistently good pint out of them and they’re fun to use! However, unless you have a dedicated beer fridge (something I’m working on myself) then it’s hard to keep the keg cool. Keeping beer at room temperature gives the beer a very active foam head. Also, depending on how carbonated the beer is, you can loose pressure which then makes it hard to pour a full pint. Even though it has an air valve on top to push the beer through, once you let air get to the beer, you have to drink it quick! Some may see that as a disadvantage… I personally don’t!

Having said that, I left my mini keg in my conservatory, which (even at this time of year) meant it was kept nice and cold. I poured my first drink from it, straight from opening the tap I could smell the hops, that got my palate watering with excitement.

On the pour, Clear Smooth with a light caramel colour.

On the nose, Heavy floral notes! That you can actually smell from pouring it, When you actually get close to it they get heavier, My favourite type of Beer.

On the tongue, Straight off your hit with massive floral fruity flavours that then descends into a slight bitterness on the back of the pallet. Perfect well balanced, Its so fruity and light its way too easy to drink, you could definitely drink a few of these on a hot summers day!

As I said earlier in the Pros and Cons of the mini kegs, You get a perfect pint, The lacing on this was just unreal, It lasted all the way down to the bottom of the glass and even when it was empty it was still laced perfectly just like a great pint from a pub but at home.

Backyard have just recently opened a tap room too, Somewhere i’ve not managed to get to yet even though its only 5 mins away from me!

So if your about Brownhills or Walsall or even passing on the A5 through the West Midlands, Stop by. With the on site shop Pick up some amazing real Ale.

Monday   –   12:30 to 17:30          Closed bank holidays
Tuesday to Friday  –  09:30 to 17:30
Saturday  –  09:30 to 12:30
Sunday    –  Closed

Let me know how you get on!

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