27th February 2017

Beer Pancakes.

So think pancakes? You spend an age weighing out your ingredients to then get in a mess mixing it all up. If only there was an easier way? There is!

You’ve heard of american cup measures. This is in my term the ‘Mug’ measurement! one mug, it doesn’t matter how big or small your mug is but obviously the bigger it is the more mixture you can make. My mug is stupidly small, It was brought from ikea for the idea that ‘Guests’ can have matching mugs when they come, But I’ve seen egg cups bigger! I like to whip up a batch of batter and leave it in the fridge and its easy to just whack some pancakes in the pan first thing in a morning as they take minutes to cook.

So for this recipe I used

  • 1X Mug of Self raising flour (self raising for the small american style or normal flour for the more traditional English variety)
  • 1 X Egg
  • 1 X Pinch of salt
  • 1X Pinch of cinnamon ( optional but highly recommended as it gives them a great depth)
  • 0.5 x Mug of milk
  • 0.5 X mug of stout/ale/porter/IPA

And that is it! as easy as that. Now blend it all together. I used a Smoothie maker but anything with a whisk should do it!

Once mixed spray a hot pan with some non stick spray and pour the mixture into the pan to the size of the pancakes you want. Once the pancakes start bubbling on top, Flip them over.until brown on each side. Repeat until you either have enough pancakes or all the mixture has gone.


Drizzle with honey or maple syrup and enjoy!

Perfect beer matching is the one you used in it.

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