So its not everyday you get sent a freebie, Wouldn’t it be great if it was though? Imagine the money you could save trying to explore the worlds vast amount of beer selection.

So I have been sent this little brew by Nøgne ø Asking for a review. This went up on social and in came the Youtube videos and reviews of people excited to try this. I thought to myself, “what can I do to make mine different?” then I noticed the bottling date, the 3rd of March 2015. Well it was at the time November 2016 so I thought to myself “If I wait until March it will be 2 years to the day it was bottled, So it gave me a little edge”

So a painful 5 months took place, Every day I was a looking at the box in my office. Every day I swear it spoke to me. But It finally came around the week commencing the 27th. Thats when my final countdown came on. Monday into Tuesday, Tuesday into Wednesday and so on until Friday came. I was up at 5am for work and all day I was thinking to myself, How is it going to taste? I hope its not liquorish. I wonder how it is going to pour? the day dragged with the anticipation and excitement of what was going to pass my lips into my already dry and de hydrated mouth.

So I got home and raced into the shower, As I was filming this I needed to be clean and coming off a building site you never really come home that clean.

This is it, Tripod, Lights and Mic all set up. 3…..2…..1…. “action” I told myself.

The bottle cap popped open with a beautiful hiss and I grabbed the brilliantly elegant glass that was sent with it and I filled the glass. Watching the softest carbonation I have ever reviewed. It reminded me of when you go abroad and the water is strangely so soft coming out of the tap. It poured as black as oil but as light as the foam on a milk poured beer.

With out going to smell it from the rim I was instantly hit with a beautiful balance of roasted malts with a hint of caramel but more so alcohol that mixed the two into a very strong malty alcoholic milkshake. Thats it I had to go in closer. The closer I got the more intense the aromas became. They became stronger, More malty more intense, mixed with dark fruits such as raisins and plumbs. My lips and throat now dry and tingling with excitement.

This was it, this was the moment I had been waiting for, 5 months of strict obedience and now its time. I took a large sip ( more like a mouthful but it sounds more elegant this way) Instantly the 16%ABV came crashing in my mouth like a tsunami of flavour. The alcohol stripped what little taste I had lingering in my mouth and made way for the perfectly balanced dark roasted, caramelised flavours. At first it tasted like an alcoholic black treacle, But the more you tasted the more it became softer and smoother. All the flavours worked brilliant as a team. The alcohol stripped the mouth and buds of anything already there and just layered the mouth with roasted malts, plumbs and raisins and once it had all calmed down a very nice rich dark expresso flavour sat nicely on the tongue.

This was a brilliant beer. Although maybe a little strong it did work brilliantly well with the other flavours for a real taste sensation. This wasn’t so much a sessionable beer but more a sharing beer. It is one that has aged beautifully and the warmer it got the more complex it became. Its definitely

one to crack open and discuss sharing notes with friends and family. Its like an after dinner tipple. It took me a good few hours to drink this but the more I did the more I grew to love it.


Thanks Nøgne Ø for the bottle and merchandise, Well done it was brilliant.



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