A new podcast with some positive interaction during the surreal Covid-19 times.

I have been working hard behind the scenes, even though this site has not been updated since the 10th March 2017 ( This date holds close to my heart) in bringing you, my loyal followers something new and exciting.

Behind the beer is an exciting new concept where I interview brewers, founders and industry experts about all things beer. I want to dig deep into what got these individuals fired up with in the beer world to create some of the iconic brews you know and love.

I am going to be asking questions about what beer is in their fridge right now. What beer changed their perception of what constitutes a good beer. And what brewers they respect and would like to collab with in the future.

We will be dissecting what beers they’ve made or designed, where the inspiration came from and what made them throw random ingredients into an already iconic style.

So if you’re stuck in this isolated world, Want something new to listen to on your drive to work or Need something fresh to do then Stay tuned as we launch…Behind The Beer.

Check it out below,


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I'm Jak Whitehouse, a 20-odd male happily living in the Midlands. I work in logistics during the week and spend my weekends relaxing with a cold beer. The Midlands has a vibrant, up-and-coming craft beer scene. I aim to bring you the latest in beer reviews and more.


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