Have you ever tried a beer and thought wow? This beer exceeds all expectations. Your taste buds are tingling, you are blown away with flavours, textures and smells. But there is a problem, you are on your jollies abroad, so can you get this back in your country? No? How are you ever going to […]

The Backyard Brewhouse based in Brownhills, just off the A5 is vastly becoming a big time brewery within the West Midlands. Having two regional awards and one national award for their work, they’re definitely doing something right! My favourite beers from their core range include their IPA and Jigger Stout. Until now, these two would have been my recommendations when sampling […]

Rogue Sriracha HOT Stout is a curious beer, jumping on the Sriracha craze sweeping the world over. I was curious to find out just how spicy this beer would be. I got hold of a bottle here in the UK from Beer Gonzo. Read on to find out if Rogue Ales have delivered a truly hot Sriracha experience! What exactly […]

So Brewdogs latest addition from their very popular prototype range is Elvis Juice, A grapefruit IPA. I don’t really like grapefruit but this, I love. Elvis Juice showcases Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo at their absolute best. A huge dose of grapefruit peel brings swirls of fresh pithy zest, accentuating the dry hops and building on the […]

So think Guinness, blacker than the ace of spades (to the eye, but held up to the light a deep red), cold, rich and beautifully heavy. One of the drinks I will choose if I’m out all day like a meal in a glass! But now Guinness have released a lager called Hop House 13, […]

  Six°north are the self proclaimed Belgian brewers of Scotland. With Three venues around Scotland and opening up a new venue in February 2016 in Glasgow, These guys are one to watch! In my eyes with their vast Selection of Belgian inspired beers, These guys have found a gap in the market and are making […]

      Hawkshead Brewery began in 2002, in a barn at Town End Farm, at the head of Esthwaite Water, just outside the village of Hawkshead. brewed on a second hand 7 barrel brew plant which came from the Border Brewery at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Having outgrown the barn they moved in 2006, to Staveley,  It is one […]

 Part of the Rainbow project 2015, Siren Craft Brew collaboration with Surly Brewing Company is called ‘Blue Sky Blue Sea’- a Seaweed and Cloudberry Gose. One of the best things about The Rainbow Project is how it brings together different breweries with different ideas, which makes for some brilliant collaborations. With the colour blue in […]